'The Amazing Race' - 'Run Like Scalded Dogs' Recap Episode 3, Season 16

"Run like scalded dogs?" Well, that's a new one on me. It was said by one of the cowboys on 'The Amazing Race' tonight and is just about as pleasant as the "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" saying. Who comes up with such evil sayings? What twisted minds create such horrid images? Probably some of the same minds who create challenges on reality television competition shows.

The teams left Chile tonight, but not before an announcement from Phil Keoghan regarding the recent earthquake. It's getting a bit mind-boggling the amount of countries I've experienced on this show and 'Survivor' that have had natural catastrophes over the past few years. I find it hits closer to home after watching some of the people of the countries and taking in the scenery through the shows.

Anyway ... onto the show. I can just hear all the fans who think the show is rigged for one team or another in an outcry right now. In the past, it was languages -- one team could speak a particular language and, lo and behold, the teams went to countries where that language was spoken. Tonight's issue would be the cowboy-related tasks when the cowboy team won first place in the last leg.

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