Jason and Bethenny's Hoppy Honeymoon


Okay, you guys, I've read your comments and I think you're right that I've been a little harsh on Bethenny. Admirably, she's doing a lot and manages to have it all without going insane like some of the other Real Housewives. So before someone makes a "Leave Bethenny Alone!" YouTube video, I'm going to lay off her and try to see the show in a different light. The woman's about to have a baby after all! (in reality tv time, in the real world she has actually had the baby already, and according to her blog for People Magazine, it saved her life).



After doing some more research, and spending some time on Bethenny.com, I realized that this woman is a freaking empire. She's anything but a "housewife," in layman's terms. You were right, she is to be admired for her drive and I mis-judged her. I mean, geez, how can I hate on a natural food chef with a cute little baby? Can't do it. Plus this was a good episode and I found it even more touching than last week's wedding episode.



So in tonight's episode they're honeymooning in St. Barts. Where did that giant stuffed animal come from?! (oh, it's memorabilia). Despite the pregnancy hitting her pretty hard post-wedding, Bethenny is game to enjoy the honeymoon and relaxation as best as possible. Jason and Bethenny seem to be having fun, plus their honeymoon suite/villa looked Ah-MAZING.



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