Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 11 - The Good Soldier

A soldier, Mike Donnelly in 2005 turns up dead after the robbery of a pawn shop. Rush and Stillman begin questioning former candidates that Donnelly tried to recruit and realize there may have been some resistance from one candidate’s father, Jerry Harkin and that he went off the deep end when his son was killed, turning him suspect. They rule out Jerry when he reveals that Mike had come to him after his son died and that there is no evidence linking him. Bobby Kerns, a former recruit, turns up a red flag when his arrests show up on file from the DA and his alibi falls through. When they question Bobby they discover that Donnelly had been living out of the recruiter station and that his wife Kirsten’s claim that they were in the Poconos is false and that she was there with another man, Donnelly’s supervisor Sgt. Gomez. However, Sgt. Gomez checks out and they go back to questioning another recruit Victoria, who they discover robbed the pawn shop and came to Mike for help. Due to Victoria’s fear of abandonment and knowing Mike was going to be deployed, in a fit of anger, she had taken out a pistol and shot Mike.­

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