Second Scott Pilgrim Trailer Is Here

We could beat around the bush, but it's a Bank Holiday Monday, so we'll just tell you that the second trailer for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is now online, and it's all kinds of awesome.

The trailer was released online after the film notched up 100,000 followers on Facebook, but that's not important right now. What is important is that it gives us more of a sense of the film's story - slacker Scott (Michael Cera) falls in love with mysterious Amazon delivery girl Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and starts dating her, only to discover he must fight her seven evil exes in order to fully win her heart.

We also get more of a glimpse at the evil exes, including Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, British actor Satya Bhabha and Jason Schwartzman, and our first look at Scott's gay roommate Wallace (Kieran Culkin, looking like he might just steal the movie) and his rocking band, Sex Bob-omb.

But there's no doubt that the trailer serves, first and foremost, as an introduction to Scott, the sometimes flaky Canadian slacker. And that's important - after all, Cera has been on the back end of a critical backlash of late, but in Pilgrim he seems to have added some new strings to his diffident bow. More importantly, he appears to be likeable again.

We also get much more of a sense of the droll rat-a-tat one-liners that will pepper the movie, and also its videogame-inspired visual style, with Scott powering up during fights and even, at one point, grabbing an extra life icon. Wright is clearly going for broke here, creating a unique melange of film and videogame grammar that is quite unlike anything we've seen.

Oh, and if you're still hungry for your fix of all things Pilgrim, then the new issue of Empire - on sale this week - has four glorious pages dedicated to the evil exes. You know what to do.

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