Is America Really Too Stupid to Handle an Alien?

There was a Family Guy episode called Lois Kills Stewie which ended with Stewie coming out of a simulator, revealing the entire episode was pretend. Brian then hypothesized that if people were watching those events that didn't really happen, they would be severely pissed off that none of it mattered at all.

Obviously I mention this because last night's Smallville didn't really matter at all. Everything that happened after Clark Kent finally came out and revealed his alien secret to everyone was pointless, and Chloe learning that Davis was Doomsday was a complete non-starter. None of it mattered at all.

But for the sake of discussion, let's examine what did happen after Clark revealed that he's an alien from another planet with super powers. Are Americans really so idiotic that they would react like they did on this episode of Smallville?

Right away he had people swooning over him, offering him free newspapers and plenty of thumbs up. If I met an alien, I think I'd be a bit more skeptical than that. Also, I wouldn't fall out of a building in the hope that he would catch me.

While I can understand the desire to be saved by Clark Kent, surely girls wouldn't be chancing death just for the opportunity to meet the brawny Man of Steel. Maybe I'm isolated, but are people truly that moronic?

Even worse was the total opposite reaction of others, instantly assuming that he was there to kill everyone. Perhaps we've been programmed by years of sci-fi movies to believe that aliens are inherently evil creatures whose only desire is destruction. But after reading and hearing Clark Kent's story, I doubt I'd gather up my pitchfork and a mob. Yes, people generally fear what they don't know, but fear is no excuse for rage and violence.

What truly sent me over the edge in last night's episode of Smallville was the woman at the news conference who blamed Clark for her husband dying in a crane accident. Please tell me Americans aren't so absolutely idiotic that they would blame people for not being everywhere at once. Clark doesn't have ESP and he doesn't know when a crane is going to fall, yet this woman thinks that it's his fault that her husband died?

I know this is just a fictional TV show on the CW, but watching that made me feel the same way that I do when I watch FOX News - I want to reach into the TV and yell at the people for making such idiotic comments and passing them off as intelligent, thoughtful debate.

So my overall conclusion is that if any of the reactions to Clark Kent's secret on Smallville were even remotely indicative of how real Americans would react to similar situation in the real world, then I implore any secret aliens reading this to stay hidden. Much like with gay marriage in California, the people would clearly be too stupid to react responsible to you.

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Mar 14, 2009 1:42AM EDT

"Maybe I'm isolated, but are people truly that moronic?"
Absolutely. Your average person has the relative intelligence of an overripe cucumber. Sure, there are some people who would be more cautious or skeptical, but they aren't the ones running around loudly shouting nonsense and making spectacles of themselves. I thought the common reaction was pretty realistic.
"Yes, people generally fear what they don't know, but fear is no excuse for rage and violence."
Since when has that stopped ANYBODY? Do you know the prevalence of hate crimes in this country? People are even worse when they get into mobs like that. Realistically I think they would have been quicker about it.

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Mar 19, 2009 5:25PM EDT

Well the fbi - detective type guy did what all detectives do. They are trying to make a case and once they come out and say you are something or did something wrong they can't turn back without looking like an idiot so they will make you a villain regardless.
The whole thing with the lady crying because her husband wasn't saved was probably set up by the evil reporter lady as propaganda to drive her point. Then after the whole " he's here to invade earth" would have been a great time to introduce Darkseid to show the world what an invasion really is and just who would be there to save them.
Instead we got a cop out ending to the possible future and when things were back to normal he says he destroyed the ring and after cloe says he could get a secret identity instead of coming out as an alien...clark basically says no thanks.
On top of not going anywhere with the story...they crush any possibility and piss off the audience.

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