Recap CSI: Miami: Season 8, Episode 15 - Miami, We Have A Problem

A man falls from the sky seemingly from out of nowhere. Horatio and the team hypothesize that he must have fallen from a great height, having hit the branches of the tallest tree on the way down. A helicopter that flew the night before that fit his time of death was in the air with no flight plan but when they question the pilot, Beau Lendell, he insists he was out of town during the flight. Tom Loman inspects the body and discovers what happened to his internal organs could only have happened in zero gravity. The team rules out the victim as a NASA astronaut and find the only private space travel company in Miami, owned by a Keith Palmer. They discover the identity of the victim as Sam Gardner and place him on the space craft when he died but the three other passengers, including Beau Lendell who was coincindentally the pilot, and Keith Palmer, along with movie star, Dominic Cross, is taking responsibility for the murder. They all maintain that Sam went out of the space ship of his own accord and died in the vacuum of space. Walter and Jesse must go back up into space to zero gravity to figure out what really happened. ­

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