'Family Guy' Lap Dance Scene Under Attack - Featured

"Family Guy" once again landed itself on hot water when it aired an episode where Carter Pewterschmidt was given a lap dance by a stripper. The Parents Television Council (PTC) is not happy with the situation, arguing that the Fox animation is one of the most-watched programs with children 6 to 11.

PTC has filed a complaint to Federal Communications Commission about the Sunday, December 13 episode. "In the episode, loutish Peter takes his father-in-law and friends to a strip club named the Fuzzy Clam. Peter tells a stripper to perform a lap dance on his father-in-law. She bends over and waggles her rear before his face," PTC starts with the description of the particular scene.

" 'Do I stick the money right inside of her?' he asks. When Peter replies, 'No, you do not,' his father-in-law asks, 'Why? Have you done that before?' Peter giggles nervously. As the woman briefly rubs her rear against the father-in-law's crotch, he asks, 'When do I hit her?' Peter pours beer down his in-law's throat and orders the stripper to 'give this old bastard the ride of his life'."

"The stripper writhes up and down against the father-in-law's body, shakes her breasts in his face, then straddles his lap and thrusts her groin against his. Lois' father grunts in pleasure, then spasms and collapses to the ground as he has a heart attack."

In their argument, PTC says, "Apparently Fox must believe that because the program is animated it can air anything it wants on 'Family Guy' no matter how inappropriate or indecent. Fox hides behind satire and animation as an 'excuse' to air the foulest material imaginable, but Fox needs to learn that broadcast decency laws apply to all broadcast programming aired during the time when children are most likely to be watching."

FOX chose to give no comment to this. Meanwhile, the episode which becomes the subject of complaint can be found at Hulu.com.

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Default avatar cat
Dec 16, 2009 11:02AM EST

It's so ridiculous. If you don't like it, don't watch it...

Hidden profile
Dec 16, 2009 6:17PM EST

I don't think people are getting offended by the show, I think they're getting offended in behalf of other people. Other people being "children". Personally, I think that if parents have a problem with this sort of stuff, they should just not allow their kids to watch it. It's called "parenting".

Default avatar cat
Jan 3, 2010 1:46AM EST

These people hide behind their "for the children" argument to propagate their set of morals upon everyone else. Nobody has the responsibility or the right to tell somebody how to parent; it is solely the function of the parent to decide when something is not okay for their kids to watch (or listen to, or play with). And believe it or not, some parents are fine with showing their kids some typically taboo things - this is their choice, not yours, not ours.
Someday we'll be freed from the shackles of prudish absolutism and be able to realistically discuss and explore such very-real topics as sex, drugs, death, etc. Until then... sigh

Jan 6, 2010 12:58AM EST

well then, "children 6-11" are watching it? well, as i recall, there is a 14+ rating whenever the show begins. and if children 6-11 are watching TV, shouldnt the parents be controlling what they watch closely, at such a young age where they can be offended?
it appears that some parents are hiding behind their "childrens best intrests" to lobby their irrational views on society. *reverend lovejoys wife* WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!
honestly, its bullshit. it is a show meant for young adults, and as such should be treated as one.

Default avatar cat
Jan 30, 2010 2:04AM EST

Seriously, these people need to shut up and be parents. If the spent half the time actually watching over their children as they do complaining about this type of stuff, maybe their kids wouldn't be so screwed up. Ugh.....I'm feeling spiteful so now I'm just gonna go watch that episode of Family Guy and the episode of American Dad about the race horse which they apparently also object against.

Default avatar cat
Feb 14, 2010 6:39PM EST

My parents never let me watch Family Guy until I was 18 and able to make my own decissions. I can see why, personally I wouldn't want my grandmother seeing me re-inact most of the stuff that goes on on this show. I appreciate my parents now alot more than I did then, because now I realize why. Maturity will do that to people. :D

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