The Biggest Loser Season 9: Couples Episode Recap: Week 17

Can you believe it's already the last week at the Biggest Loser campus? Mike, Daris, Ashley, Koli and Sunshine remain, but only four will make it to the finale. Ali reveals that this week there will be no yellow line and no voting, but the person with the lowest percentage of weight will be sent packing.

Season 7 winner Helen pays the players a visit, and she's joined by Season 3 winner Erik, who notoriously gained back all the weight he lost. Since we saw him during last season's update, Erik has lost 70 pounds and plans to keep losing. Having him stop by definitely puts things in perspective for the current contestants. I was also glad to hear Helen admit that she worked out too much when she returned home and that she was now in maintenance mode.

Michael, meanwhile, chats with both Helen and Erik and cries as he asks, "Who leaves a reality weight loss show still obese?" He continues to flip out in the gym and runs out of his workout yelling, "Everything is against me." But once Bob calms him down, Michael admits he's glad he threw a tantrum because now he can breathe and focus.

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