'House' Star Hugh Laurie Discusses the Power of Nudity on 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

Hugh Laurie has just begn the seventh season of the series 'House.' And although the show revolves around the more curmudgeonly aspects of Dr. House, M.D., all good things must come to an end. So now, House has entered into a relationship with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). It remains to be seen if this romantic pairing spells plot-line doom for the show or not. But one thing that has happened as a result -- Hugh Laurie is forced to get naked! That's what we all wanted to see, right?

On 'Ellen' (weekdays, syndicated), Laurie met with host DeGeneres to discuss the whole "nudity" thing. First, Ellen wanted to know if Hugh danced -- then asked if he dances around naked, which is not a question that we'd ever ask . But hey, she's the talk show host, not us. Laurie admitted to occasionally dancing nude, which brought an unexpected cheer from the crowd. Hurray!

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