Priest, Interrupted

Priest - the eagerly awaited Scott Stewart-Paul Bettany vampire flick that has become slightly less eagerly awaited ever since we saw Legion, their first movie together - has had a release date change.

The comic book-inspired movie, which sees Bettany play a vampire-killing priest in a world infested with the fanged fiends, had been due to come out in the US towards the tail end of 2010. But now, with Screen Gems keen to give the movie the 3D treatment, they've pushed the date back to January 14, 2011.

Clearly, Screen Gems has been buoyed by the $35 million earned by Legion thus far in the States, and so has plonked Priest down on a similar date. It'll now open 51 weeks after Legion.

Or, an alternate take on it could be that they've been disappointed by Legion's showing and have therefore placed Priest firmly in the January dumping ground. Only time will tell...

The release date change also applies to the UK.

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