CSI: NY' Season Finale Moves Schedules; Now Goes After 'CSI' Season-Ender

Thanks to CBS choosing to air President Obama's primetime press conference tomorrow night, there's been some changes to the network's schedule over the next few weeks. Sure, you've seen some of them already--Harper's Island being moved to Saturdays, for instance--but for our purposes I'd like to talk about CSI: NY's season finale.

Remember when I told you, during last Friday's case file, that the season wrap-up for the folks in New York will hit screens on May 20 at 10pm? Well, the changes in schedule means another show has taken that slot, and the crime drama's season finale finds itself airing earlier than expected.

The CSI: NY season finale will now air six days earlier--on Thursday, May 14, from 10pm. It will air immediately after the CSI season finale, which means if you're following developments on both the teams in Las Vegas and New York, you can expect two hours of CSI season finales on one night. The finale's original time slot was taken over by the two-hour season finale of Criminal Minds, which was in turn displaced by Rules of Engagement and The New Adventures of Old Christine, which was displaced by, well, that press conference.

Anyway, the episode's plot, of course, remains the same--one member of the team dies after a suspect transfer goes wrong, and another member goes through what they call a life-changing situation. The only change is, we'll be less anxious about who that soon-to-be-dead character is, since the wait will be shorter. Say, roughly two weeks.

If you're wondering what will happen to CSI: Miami's season finale, well, it won't be changing schedules: as of now, it'll still air on its regular time slot; May 18 from 10pm. That just lessens the agony, perhaps a little bit. But someone will still die. Err...

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