Review: Cougar Town - Here Comes My Girl Episode 9

Two things I'm starting to realize about Cougar Town:

1) The more the show concentrates on the ensemble and less on Jules, the funnier it is, and

2) We really need to see more interaction between Courteney Cox and Dan Byrd.

This episode had essentially the same formula as the barbecue episode from a few weeks ago: bring everyone together under Jules' roof and let them bounce off one another. And it worked once again. Instead of a barbecue, of course, the occasion was Thanksgiving (in Florida can you have a barbecue three weeks before Thanksgiving). There's only one slight, itty-bitty problem with what went on this week. But it's a problem that I hope leads to some good things.

Here's that itty-bitty problem: Sometimes it's tough to write how one character eventually falls for another. It may look silly and contrived on the surface, but it's generally something you forget about as the storyline progresses and develops. And it's not that far from what happens in real life; heck, I had a crush on a girl in high school for almost two years because she said "hi" to me one day in social studies class.

Anyway, we all knew that Bobby wanted to get back with Jules. And we had an inkling that Jules and Grayson were eventually going to hook up. But Grayson's realization that he actually could see himself with Jules felt ever-so-slightly artificial. But what it sets up is a fun competition between the two guys, who both are aware of their mutual desire for Jules but are going to act like men and push it down until they don't even remember why they had those feelings to begin with. But if it creates more basketball game fights and more scenes where Andy has secret-keeping heartburn, I'm all for it.

Can someone identify the song that was playing in the basketball montages, by the way (Alan Sepinwall identified it as the song that played during the volleyball sequence on Top Gun. Knew it sounded familiar)? You had the feeling that the guys were playing against kids, mainly because they were dunking and playing so well, but the fact that one of them was a girl and one had shoes that lit up was even funnier.

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