'Parenthood' Episode 7 - 'What's Goin' On Down There?' Recap

I love 'Parenthood.' Yes, there's a lot of people to keep track of, but it's all good. The show has some great players, but really, all I need is Peter Krause and Lauren Graham. And Dax Shepard and Jason Ritter. He reminds me of his dad, which makes me both happy and sad, but mostly happy.

The kids on this show are awesome, too -- Max Burkholder, Mae Whitman, Tyree Brown ... ok, since I'm filling in for Danny, I'll stop crushing on all the actors and get to the review. Follow me after the jump.

First, all I could think when Adam walked into the ocean with his surfboard was, "Get out of there! That's how Lisa perished on 'Six Feet Under'!" Well, we don't really even know that for sure, but as I recall, water was involved. But really, let Adam go surfing in peace, Jane. The guy needs some distractions from his overly scheduled life. He really does. Everyone needs a little escape now and then; that's no sin.

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