'Lost' Recap: What Kate Did, Does and Always Will Do Season 6, Episode 3

Lost is off and running, and whenever you hear the word "running," you know it's a Kate-centric episode. Whatever the case may be, Kate was born to run, so say "I do" and don't get left behind because whatever happened, happened and Lost is starting fresh with a tabula rasa.

In the Altverse

After getting into Claire's cab, the taxi driver (aka Doyle, the Puppet Master from Heroes) almost runs over Leslie Arzt before running away. Kate steals Claire's purse then tosses her out onto the side of the road before driving away.

She finds an auto body shop and gets the guy to cut off her handcuffs. She starts to change but then finds a photo of pregnant Claire in the stolen purse. Aw, Kate's a softie. She goes back to pick up the pregnant Australian and give her a ride to the home of her unborn baby's new adoptive parents.

When they arrive, the sad news is that the woman's husband left her and she doesn't want to raise a kid on her own. Well that sucks for Claire. Even suckier is that her water immediately breaks.

Kate drives her to the hospital and finds the doctor...ETHAN! That would be a lot more shocking if William Mapother weren't listed in the opening credits. Ethan Goodspeed is a lot nicer than Ethan Rom, helping Claire with her pregnancy. After things calm down, the cops stop by the ask questions, but Claire covers for her new fugitive friend.

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