Dancing with the Stars: Is Karina Smirnoff the Latest Flu Victim?

This season, flu is the injury of choice for Dancing with the Stars. Typically the show features a number of physical injuries, but for season 9, the flu is the greatest menace on the show. I guess all those medical reports about this being one of the worst flu seasons ever are true.

Already Derek Hough and Lacey Schwimmer have had to sit out performance shows due to the flu, and now it looks like Karina Smirnoff might join them this season. Earlier this week Karina tweeted that she was coming down with the flu, but she was working hard to overcome it. Now we have news that Dancing with the Stars might see another last minute replacement.

Professional dancer Chelsie Hightower tweeted that she might be filling in for Karina this week if her flu continues to get worse. This could be the final nail in Aaron Carter's Dancing with the Stars coffin.

Now that we're down to the final five, every week is incredibly important, and Aaron already has one strike against him since he doesn't seem to have the voter support of all the other celebrities. If you combine that with a new partner, Aaron could be preparing for his last dance.

On the other hand, sympathy might be just what he needs, and maybe viewers will pity his bad luck and vote to support Karina Smirnoff.

Additionally, Chelsie Hightower could be just what Aaron needs. Earlier in the season Aaron revealed that he had a crush on Chelsie, so if the two were partnered up, he might be even more willing to do a great job to impress her.

Karina Smirnoff could still recover and dance with Aaron Carter on Monday's show, but for now, even the smallest bump in the road has major ramifications on Dancing with the Stars.

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