Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 13 - Crossfire

When Bajoran First Minister Shakaar visits the station to push for Bajor's early admittance to the Federation, the threat of a terrorist attack forces Odo to become his personal bodyguard. Complications soon arise though, as the growing attraction between Major Kira and Shakaar puts Odo in an incredibly uncomfortable position. His work is even affected, as Shakaar is nearly assassinated. Odo is in love with Kira, and as he watches Shakaar begin a romantic relationship with her, he is unable to sort out his feelings. Distraught, Odo returns to his quarters once his work is completed, and completely trashes the place. He is joined by Quark, who tells Odo that unless he is willing to tell Kira how he feels, then he should try to get on with his life and deal with whatever happens. Odo agrees, and soon after decides to stop having weekly meetings with Kira.

Source: Wikipedia

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