'Dating in the Dark' Premieres Tonight

The latest addition to the reality dating genre kicks off tonight as Dating in the Dark, the latest ABC offering this summer, tries to ask the age-old question: is love blind? While the show is but another extra to the already extensive brood, Dating in the Dark, says critics, at least does not require its participants to do wild tasks, such as eat a pig's vagina.

Each week starting tonight on Dating in the Dark, three single men and three single women move into a house together but be totally separated from the opposite sex. The only instance that they get to interact with members of the opposite sex is in a room where it is pitch dark; the rationale, of course, is that when they do so, the dates will really get to know each other without looks being a factor. Before meeting each other, the contestants work with a sketch artist to illustrate their perceptions of their chosen matches.

After several days of dating, each person will then have one chance to select one member of the opposite sex that they want to see in the light. Once they see who they've been kissing and snuggling with, they will then decide whether or not to stay with the person they fell in love with in the dark.

Each Dating in the Dark episode will act as a self-contained episode, in contrast to The Bachelor-like serialized storylines.

According to preliminary previews, the Dating in the Dark producers did a good job in casting singles who are entertaining without the need to be skanky, which are staple in other dating reality shows. This includes bubbly Australian Leni, SAT tutor Steven, handsome, sensitive Brit Alistair, awkward Melanie, and "comparatively normal" Seth and Christina.

Catch Dating in the Dark tonight 10pm on ABC.

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Jul 21, 2009 2:49PM EDT

That girl with the black hair that rejected the second guy was a total bitch. Girls like her will always value their vanity over anything else. it doesnt matter if you volunteer at an orphanage to help sick kids or rescue puppies and kittens from a burning building, to a person like her, you will always come last. And she will grow old and alone with her 20 cats.

Default avatar cat

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Jul 21, 2009 6:56PM EDT

I feel sorry for her (Christina?) b/c she didn't even give Seth a chance! She could have gone on a couple (real) dates with him and seen where it went. I think appearance plays a huge role in attraction, but personality and similar interests will ultimately hold the relationship together. She lost out.

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