Laurine Eliminated from 'Top Chef' (Season 6, Episode 9)

After the famed Top Chef restaurant war, it was Laurine who got the boot on the last night's episode of the Bravo cooking show. The 38-year-old San Francisco native actually started pretty well in the episode, as part of the winning team in the quickfire challenge, along with Jennifer, Mike, and Kevin (what a team right?). but she struggled with the elimination challenge, when she was chosen as front of house for team Mission.

For the quickfire, the chefs were divided to two teams for a tag-team cook-off, with Rick Moonen as guest judge. In the knives-drawing, Jennifer and Michael drew the only one with messages, first choice and second choice.

The teams were then made to decide the order they would cook in, but during the challenge, they weren't allowed to communicate with each other about the components of their fish. Both teams had around 40 minutes to alternate the execution of the dish. The winner - Jennifer's team - were given a choice to either get $10,000 right there and then or factor it into the elimination challenge. The team chose the latter.

For the infamous Top Chef restaurant wars, the chefs stayed in their respective teams, and had to manage a floor of Mooney's two-floor restaurant for the event. Both teams were given money to shop. Eventually, Revolt - that's Mike's team - won. Laurine, meanwhile, was sent packing.

On the next episode of Top Chef, Natalie Portman is a guest client at Craftsteak, Tom Colicchio's Las Vegas restaurant.

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