Top Moments: Kissing and Killing

This week television was all about love and violence. Desmond hinted that love may be the secret at the, ahem, heart of Lost. The American Idol judges showed Big Mike some love. A Criminal Minds pair met cute amidst gunfire. Chuck showed Sarah his love...with a bullet. (Oh, and Bones and Booth kissed!) Welcome to Top Moments: Kissing and Killing Edition.

10. Best Abbreviation: Breaking Bad has the best episode titles on TV. (Last season, for example, the names of several episodes linked to describe the tragedy that occurred in the season finale.) The significance of this week's title, "I.F.T.," only became apparent when Skyler whispered it to husband Walt to punish him for refusing to move out. So what does I.F.T. stand for? The I is for I and the T is another man's name. You can probably guess what the F is for.

9. Best Double-Cross: Just when it seems that FlashForward's Mosaic investigation is over and the mole has been found (and captured), Janis breaks our hearts and reveals to Simon that she, too, is a turncoat. It's a shock, especially considering she took a bullet for the team a few months prior. How hard is it going to be for her to juggle being an expectant mother with being a double agent?

8. Most Contrived Shot: We thought Criminal Minds' Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) was too smart to lean over the edge of a building, to check on a suspect who's just jumped, without having her gun ready. But that's just what she does on Wednesday's spin-off episode, only to discover him alive on a ledge a few feet below. Thank goodness for overly flirtatious newbie sniper Mick (Matt Ryan), who's there to pick off the bad guy - and in so doing initiate the most violent meet-cute ever.

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