'Deadliest Catch' preview: MRI and ice

Tonight's Deadliest Catch (Discovery, 9 p.m. ET) continues to follow Capt. Phil Harris final days. The first preview clip below shows a neurologist updating his sons, Josh and Jake, and Johnathan Hillstrand on his condition after a 12-hour surgery to relieve pressure on his swelling brain. As I said in my recap for last week's episode, as a viewer, it gives me some comfort knowing that John was there for the boys. And for Phil. After Harris passing, Catch exec producer Thom Beers shared a story with us about the friends. He'd loaned Phil and John his tricked-out 1996 Chevy Impala Super Sport while they were visiting Los Angeles. About four days later, I get a call from Johnathan. Again, I'm in Los Angeles. He says, Can you do us a favor? We got to leave town in a hurry. We left the car. Can you get somebody to pick it up? I go, Yeah. Okay. No problem. Where is it? He goes, Uh, Las Vegas. I'm like, What? What do you mean Las Vegas?˜Yeah, we had to leave town in a hurry. I didn't even ask, Beers said. That's the kind of guys these guys are. I love these guys.

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