Sons of Anarchy: How to Fix a Problem like SAMCRO?

Time doesn't heal all wounds and this doesn't just apply to Tara's injured nose which seems to be getting worse each week on Sons of Anarchy. Bobby has it all right when he said that "the club needs a healing" in this week's episode but it's the kind of healing that doesn't come with time. Something has to be done to make things right within SAMCRO and it has to be done fast.

Unfortunately, the burden of fixing the club lies with Jax since he's the smart one and he can see the bigger picture. The problem is what started out as a difference of opinion regarding the club's direction has snowballed into a much bigger personal fight when Opie's wife Donna died at the hands of Tig and Clay. And it also doesn't help that Clay thinks that Jax is working with Hale behind the club and is spilling the dirt about Donna's death.

So how does Jax fix the problem? Well, that remains to be seen. It's going to be difficult for Jax to make the first move now that he and Clay have seemingly gone separate ways after that brutal prison fight that left them even more damaged and bruised. And while Jax has proven his allegiance to SAMCRO time and again, it looks like the club's loyalty is with Clay.

But if there's anyone who can keep the club together, it's Gemma. After all, she is the glue that holds SAMCRO together and the very link that ties Clay and Jax as stepfather and son. Maybe all she needs to do is open up about her rape and that might unite Clay, Jax and the rest of the club as they retaliate against the League. The wounds between Clay and Jax won't completely heal but at least, it's the first step in bringing them together.

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