FlashForward Episode 14: "Queen Sacrifice" Review

For now, I'll hold off judgment about the twist at the end of "Queen Sacrifice," but I have to say that it seemed unnecessary. At this point in FlashForward, when things have actually become more interesting, I didn't need to see "one of our own" be called out as a traitor; especially considering the fact that Simon (Dominic Monaghan) is already working with the FBI and has split allegiances himself. And it wasn't hard to figure out who would be revealed as the mole if you watched the "next time on FlashForward" montage from the previous week because it showed Simon saying "you were the mole all along" to someone off-screen. Someone who's his height. Someone who, from the dialogue, you can assume tricked a lot of people during the episode and went uncaught. An FBI agent who Simon seems to have a familiarity with. Was I 100% sure it would be Janis? No. But she was at the top of my list.

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