Episode Recap: "I Lied Too"

In the Season 2 premiere of Damages, Ellen Parsons took significant steps in her missions of vengeance against boss Patty Hewes and fallen corporate titan Arthur Frobisher. Patty, meanwhile, ended her "sabbatical" to hear out a troubled old friend (William Hurt), ponder a huge new case, and put the screws to a waffling charity donor. Here's the full recap!

Who is Ellen talking to? Damages kicks off its sophomore cycle with that question, as the legal eagle who went through so much (the murder of her dullard fiance, an attempt on her own life) during Season 1 asked an unseen person, "Maybe truth will set you free?" Perhaps to lubricate said truth, she fingers a gun. No, Ellen is not happy. And ... "Six Months Earlier."

Two of this TV season's busiest "guest stars," Regis and Kelly, welcome Patty Hewes to Live, where she's reflecting on the Frobisher case/win and talking up the hunger-fighting charitable foundation she is forming. Patty then gives props to no, not Gelman, but Ellen Parsons, who waves to the camera meekly from off-stage. "I would be absolutely lost without her," Patty professes.

Yeah ... Ellen's isn't buying what Patty's selling. As she tells the FBI agents, "A month ago she tried to kill me; now she's acting like my best friend." She tells the feds, "You just want to arrest Patty. I want to destroy her." Someone's in a dark place.

Freshly shot out on his isolated undeveloped property, Frobisher crawls to a neighboring cabin to find help. Instead, the door opens to reveal a shotgun-toting Ellen, who promptly unloads buckshot. Yet it's just a revenge fantasy being entertained by Ellen - in the midst of her support group meeting, no less. Does Ellen wish ill of David's killer, she is asked. "Nothing comes to mind," she lies. OK, make that a dark, dark place.

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