'House' - 'Black Hole' Season 6, Episod 15 Recap

Normally, a show that goes by so fast that I need a drag chute just to figure out what's going on would turn me away from it, but the dramatic tension that 'House' creates kept me velcroed in front of it all the way to the end.

Sure my head still hurts from trying to understand the science of it all, but the dramatic and even comedic angles makes for some fine-tasting Advil.

This week, House and his jolly band of medical investigators have to decipher the strange case of a teenage girl who suffers some sort of heart infection that causes blood to foam out of her mouth. Then it switches gears into a neurological disorder when she starts having strange hallucinations from a black hole to a ghostly image of her younger self imploring her to tell her boyfriend her big "secret."

As usual, the case is intriguing from start to finish. This one almost sucked my eyeballs right out of my sockets because of the bizarre psychological twist it took during the first third of the episode. It had me scratching my head, even if the ending seemed painfully obvious when it came to light.

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