'The Amazing Race' Pit Stop Fiver: It's Singapore, Lah

"Singapore is a very fine city," my tour guide, Violet, said during my first visit to this island city-state. "Fine, because there is a fine for everything. There's a fine for spitting, a fine for littering..."

Despite the strictness and its seemingly high-strung nature, Singapore is one of my favorite countries. I haven't traveled much, but I've been in this country twice, the last time just half a year ago. There's something about this country that I like and yet can't explain. It's warmer, for one. It's very diverse. And for some reason, I feel comfortable there.

The Amazing Race heads here this Sunday, and I thought I'd make this week's pit stop fiver a little more special. Sure, I still relied on the usual sources - that'd be Wikipedia and the forums - but I'm giving it a bit of a personal touch. I've got a couple of stories in here, along with a handful of photos I took, all to help you make sense of the race, and the place as well. Trust me, it's good.

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Apr 12, 2010 11:42AM EDT

I'm so glad the lesbians are not out of the race. I don't think Caite and Brent are dumb.. the lesbians are! They were mean and rude to Caite and Brent and they deserved their fate. In a race like this, they need friends/allies not enemies - well, atleast until they get to the final 4. lol.
To Carol and Brandy: GOOD RIDDANCE!

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