DARK BLUE ''Brother's Keeper'' Review Season 2, Episode 5

Episode five of DARK BLUE, Brother’s Keeper, followed Carter as he went undercover to capture a high profile extremist called Kyle Eriksson.

Initially, Dean tries to get undercover by getting in with a guy who claims to know Eriksson. He turns out to be a wackjob and as he is about to shoot some cops, Dean knocks him out.

Then Carter goes undercover in a prisoner transfer with Kyle’s brother. His plot is foiled when a third prisoner is pushed in with them-or so I thought. Dean stages a break out, rendering the driver (Ty) defenceless and taking Eriksson’s little brother and the third prisoner hostage, pretending to be Cater’s brother. When they arrive at Alex’s place Dean looks at Alex and Carter suspiciously as they make out a little too intensely than their cover demands.

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