'Top Chef: DC' 'Making Concessions' Recap Season 7, Episode 11

Alex may be gone from the house, but that doesn't mean that he took all the crazy with him. Witness Angelo, who, to what must have been the delight of Bravo producers, shares this priceless nugget of info: "When I was young, I used to cut out pictures of all the famous four-star chefs. I'd light candles, and every single day I'd like kneel and go pray before them." You can't make this stuff up, folks.

And, that's only the tip of the iceberg. "He reads Anthony Robbins books," reveals Amanda, barely able to keep a straight face. "And, he says mantras like 'You're going to win,' she giggles, breaking way to a full-on guffaw.

Whether or not Angelo ever knelt before pictures of guest judge, and 'Top Chef Masters' contestant/seafood god, Rick Moonen, remains a mystery because, at the drop of a hat the "Food Idiom" Quickfire Challenge is upon them. Using cringe-inducing phrases like "Hot Potato" and "Bring Home the Bacon" to inspire their dishes, the day's competition gets underway with Kelly admitting that she'd like to stay far away from "Hide the Salami."

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