Lipstick Jungle to get cancelled (unless viewership improves)

The first few episodes had an average of 6.4 million viewers which, you know, isn't amazing but it still kicked Cashmere Mafia's butt so the network decided to stay with it. But these past few weeks haven't been good. In fact, last week, only 4.3 million tuned in to the show.

If this goes on, the series may be canceled by the end of the year. :( and that would be, well, bad for us LJ fans. righht???

Watch Lipstick Jungle on your TVs guys!



Large good to be queen
Oct 30, 2008 2:08PM EDT

I wonder if other viewers are as annoyed as I am with the cheat of killing off Charles and revealing that he'd been sleeping around on Nicco for 3+ years. It was a cheap way to make the viewers feel good about Nicco's affair, as if Charles being a 'bad man' justified her adultery.
I'm also sick of Victory's whinging. Joe comes with human baggage just like everyone, but no matter how hard he tried to please her, it wasn't the right thing or enough. First she goes on and on about 'her' hat (given as a gift, sold, and given as a gift again), so he gets it for her. Did she even thank him? Then she goes on and on about her stolen designs (okay, will give her that one), but when Joe supports her at the party by telling off the thief designer, she doesn't appreciate him. Finally, she's working out of her kitchen, and complaining about that constantly, and given her track record of unappreciative responses, I can't blame Joe for not telling her that he bought her company for her. I think he loves her in his own way, but she is such a feminist that she can't allow him an inch of trying to do nice things for her. Silly girl.

Default avatar cat
Nov 8, 2008 8:48PM EST

I like this show

Default avatar cat
Nov 13, 2008 4:42PM EST

i like this show a lot too! this got to be continued.

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