Friday Night Lights: "I Can't" Review Season 4, Episode 10

Friday Night Lights tackled a very tricky, and ever-controversial subject this week: abortion. But I think the series pulled it off with class, not politicizing the decision the characters made, but rather getting to the human emotions at the core of the situation just as this series always does.

Last week we found out Becky was pregnant, and I was with many viewers when I found myself very wary of this storyline. The pregnant teenager has been seen many times on TV, and even though I'm sure Friday Night Lights could bring their own spin to it, I wasn't super anxious to see the show go down this road (even as I remained confused, considering we never saw Becky and Luke sleep together, but only were told about it afterward).

This week, Becky had to decide what she was going to do, and the fact that it was the hardest decision of this young girl's life was treated with appropriate weight. Her mom's reaction to the news that her daughter was pregnant was one of anger, and she only had tunnel vision that her daughter get an abortion after that clearly so afraid Becky would go down the same road she did.

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