This Season's Greatest Reality Show Meltdowns

The Celebrity Apprentice closed out the spring reality season with a controversial decision. Donald Trump fired Annie Duke, the person with all the right business qualifications, in favor of Joan Rivers, the older candidate who perhaps had her charity priorities in better order.

But all that most viewers really cared about was who was going to come out on top when these two battling she-dogs bared their fangs at yet another boardroom showdown. Joan has called Annie Hitler, poker-playing trash and scum.

While Annie the poker player kept her game face on for most of the competition, Joan's synthetic mug was stretched to the breaking point as she threw more fits than a toddler with a sugar high.

Through the course of the show, Joan stormed around, threatening to quit several times - which has always equaled a dismissal by the D-Man. She finally hit her stride when daughter Melissa was fired by Trump. The two believed Annie and her celebuddy Brande Roderick were to blame.

Which leads us to the worst spoiled child temper tantrum in reality history - well, at least on broadcast TV. Melissa, who must have learned the vituperation skills from momma's knee, called Annie and Brande "whore pit vipers" before storming around, with a brace on her leg, going into a complete meltdown that included telling the crew that she was done and that she would not do a post-firing interview.

While Melissa completely slipped out of touch with her composure, she's not the only one to have had some serious mind disconnects this season.

You expect such drama on shows like America's Next Top Model, which kicked off the season with Aminat screaming down from her perch on the top of the stairs at Natalie. "You are stu-pid! Stu-pid! STU-PID!," Aminat repeated her single-word slur as she marched down the stairs and into Natalie's face. It was so, well, stupid.

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