Chuck: "Chuck Versus First Class" Review Season 3, Episode 5

This was a terrific episode of Chuck, which told a very fun, interesting story that felt completely fulfilling, while also laying the groundwork for plenty to come. On its own though, this felt like a satisfying movie by the conclusion. Perhaps that's because it had such a specific setting, as Chuck spent nearly the entire episode onboard a plane to Paris. The set up too, was clever - Shaw sent Chuck to Paris for his first solo mission, but the twist was the mission was actually on the plane itself.

Before everything went to hell, Chuck met Hannah on the plane, who was something of a dream girl for our hero - beautiful and as much of a computer geek as he is. Kristin Kreuk plays Hannah and I'd say so far, so good, as she was appropriately charming and appealing during this episode, giving perhaps the most charismatic performance of her career thus far.

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