The Hills: Lauren Conrad Highlights Paparazzi on 'LA Candy'

No stranger to being horded by the press, Lauren Conrad has revealed how she wants to portray her story on the big screen version of her bestselling novel LA Candy. She may have departed from her job as headliner on The Hills, but she's still willing to grant MTV an interview to update fans on the movie she's working on.

Conrad described her creative process, since she's busy pondering the script for the film at the moment. "I think I'm kind of taking it step by step," she said. "I'm gonna work on the script first and then go to actors. As soon as I get back ... I'm going to start meeting with writers and try and decide on a writer to write the movie."

One thing that Lauren Conrad is hoping to show on LA Candy is how crazy it can be to work in Hollywood at such a young age. We all know how the protagonist of the novel gets thrown into the spotlight once she lands her own reality series. How that will be translated onto the movie is certainly this star's prerogative. It's a good thing she's very open about sharing her ideas.

"You know what -- in our initial meeting when I was really trying to get the point across of what I wanted this movie to be about, I was saying Hollywood isn't normal," Lauren Conrad explained. "When you live in Hollywood, you feel like you live in a crazy world."

The main character in LA Candy, Jane Roberts, has to deal with all the insanity of being a celebrity. Of course, this includes being stalked by the media, recording every move and mistake made. It's something Conrad has experienced, as well as something she wants to see done in the film.

"I told them one thing I wanted to capture was that moment when you're inside a swarm of 20 paparazzi and you can't move and you don't know what to do and it's terrifying," she said. "And I don't think anyone's ever illustrated that before."

Looks like Lauren is on to something here. Her move away from The Hills seems to be one good decision for her career, even though she can't quite let go of the press she got from it.

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