Recap The Young and the Restless: Monday, July 19, 2010

Kay is surprised to find Christine at her door. Kay wonders how Christine is dealing with Nina and Paul’s budding relationship. Meanwhile, Nina starts to feel insecure with Christine in town. Paul senses some of Nina’s insecurities and tries to assuage her fears. Later, Christine surprises Michael, who is thrilled to see her. Paul, Christine, and Michael remember old times.

Meggie walks in and interrupts Victor’s proposal. Alone, Nikki informs Victor she needs more time to consider. Victor makes his position clear with Meggie that he will protect his family from anyone. Kay advises Nikki to follow her heart. Later, Victor surprises Nikki with a new horse and an elaborate speech. Nikki agrees to marry Victor.

Chance comes up with a plan to expose Ronan. Heather and Chance pretend as though they didn’t find the bug as they call Billy and inform him that they have a story for him. Meanwhile, Ronan informs Meeks they entire case could be blown if they don’t get Chance off the case. Ronan shows up at the magazine and warns Billy not to print a word of Chance’s story. Chance shows up and he arrests Ronan. Later, Meeks takes Ronan’s side and takes Chance off the case. Heather learns Ronan is now guarding her.

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