Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phyllis isn’t happy about Daniel’s debut on the cover of Restless Style. Abby is furious when Kent informs her that there is no backer for the pilot and the “The Naked Heiress” is officially dead. Abby confronts Victor, who says she won’t see a dime of her trust fund until she grows up. Meanwhile, Phyllis learns about Abby and Daniel’s sex tape and goes ballistic. Later, Abby informs Jack she is going to sell Brad’s house in order to pay for her show. Jack informs her there may be another way.

Lauren is blindsided when she is served with legal papers at Fenmores. During a fight, Kay tries to get Lauren and Jill see where the other is coming from. Later, Lauren informs Jill that she will never accept her as her sister because her father never accepted her as his daughter.

Tucker and Ashley confront Victor about their suspicions that he is bribing a Japanese official. Ashley meets with Jack to get his help brainstorming ideas on how to get Beauty of Nature away from Victor. Jack offers to get Beauty of Nature for Tucker in exchange for becoming co-CEO with Ashley of Jabot and Tucker takes him up on the offer.

Sofia immediately rubs Neil the wrong way when she informs Kay and Neil that Chancellor needs to update their image. Later, Neil isn’t happy to hear from Tucker that Sofia is going to be handling more of Tucker’s work at Chancellor from now on.

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