Recap: "She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime"

Charlie realizes he has a big problem when he learns that his girlfriend is on her way over to his house, and he needs help from Alan and Jake to remove a half-naked woman from his bed.

Charlie's girlfriend, Chelsea, tells Charlie that she had to go to a funeral for her ex-mother-in-law. The problem is that she would be spending the weekend with her ex-husband at his family's house. She was married to him for eight years, and she just doesn't want Charlie to get the wrong idea. Charlie agrees. "We shouldn't have any secrets this point forward" said Charlie. Charlie keeps asking Chelsea questions about her ex-husband, which leads Chelsea to ask Charlie if he was jealous. Charlie admits that he was a little jealous, but he was jealous of the fact that Alex's mother was dead. The sad thing is that Evelyn would probably be used to hearing her son say comments like this about her.

Chelsea calls Charlie while she's staying with her ex-husband's family. While on the phone, Charlie asks Chelsea a number of questions, mostly showing his jealousy about her staying with her ex-husband. "Are you at the house? Where's your ex-husband? And where's his room in relation to yours?" After Charlie gets off the phone with her, he goes into the kitchen and asks Alan and Jake what they wanted to do that night. "What are we doing tonight boys? Think big, it's my treat!" Jake asks Alan if Charlie was drunk. Alan realizes that Charlie wanted to spend time with them because his girlfriend wasn't around. They decide to go to the movies and are about to leave when they open the door to find some pretty blonde woman standing there. Her name is Wanda and she's there for Charlie. She says that she's drunk and horny. "New plan!" Charlie says to Jake and Alan, which means that they were no longer going to go to the movies together.

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