Recap The Young and the Restless: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jack informs Abby that she should be second only to Victor in terms of how much power at Newman. Jack reveals to Abby they should form a partnership. Abby agrees as long as she gets cash immediately. Meanwhile, Daniel confronts Billy about lying to Abby about the cover.

Abby proposes to Victor that she work at Newman and they produce “The Naked Heiress” together. Victor dismisses the idea. Later, post-sex Daniel and Abby get an idea for a publicity stunt while talking about her horse.

Tucker asks Sofia to relocate to Genoa City in order to handle things with Jack. Jack is wary when he realizes that he will be dealing with Sofia, but quickly impressed by her business sense.

Nick threatens to sick the S.E.C. on Adam and Skye, but they inform him that they have nothing to hide with the Newman Fund. Adam and Skye gloat as they realize that their investment is doubling in size.

Billy is open and honest with Nikki about his feelings for Victoria. Later, after a fight with Victor, Victoria seeks solace from Nikki. At dinner, Nikki and Victor announce their engagement, just as Abby rides into the club naked on her horse.

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