I needed to leave the theatre early, this movie was so bad.

Brideshead Revisited is a story about the complexities of love, sure, but love not just between Charles and Julia -- the love between Charles and Sebastian has been both denied and corrupted. In the television series from the 80's, Charles tells Julia that the relationship between the two boys is what prepared and drew Charles to have a relationship with Julia. By poisoning the relationship between Charles and Sebastian, this film has made Charles' relationship with Julia not just implausible but also shallow.

Talking about shallow, the character of Sebastian's mother is as shallow as they come. A whole layer of the real story keeps the reader/watcher, like Charles, if she is really bad. By demonizing her character from the get-go, the film makers have demonized all Charles' actions towards Sebastian, demonized Brideshead, demonized the redemption that should be found at the end of the tale -- with the light once again burning in Brideshead's chapel.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: watching this film, I felt like a person were drawing obscene pictures all over my favorite childhood book. It's rude to leave a film early, but I just couldn't sit through the torture.


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