The Girls Next Door: Life Before and More Playboy

In one word, the stars of The Girls Next Door are really lucky. They were blessed with the looks and blonde locks that caught the eye of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, which led them to their glamorous lives in his mansion. What's more, they landed spots on their own reality series.

But things weren't always like this. Before the 83-year-old millionaire snagged the three on the hook of his arm, they were just regular girls. One was a student and the other two were bartenders. Pretty average, until their charm got them celebrity attention.

Crystal Harris, Hef's new No.1 girlfriend, was majoring in Psychology at San Diego State University before she met the Playboy icon . "I was living a pretty simple life," she told Extra TV. "I was a college girl."

What followed was a dream, as she continued studying while taking on side jobs as a model. Like your typical lady, she had her share of parties. That was when Hef found her.

"I met Hef at a Halloween party and started coming up on weekends, and then he asked me to move in. It was all so unbelievable!" Apparently, the two of them took up the same course in college, which is just one of their many similarities.

As for the Shannon twins, they were more of party animals even before Playboy. Meeting Hef was just icing on their well-layered cake. "We liked to party... party a lot," they said.

Knowing full well their assets could get them places, they sent photos of themselves to Playboy. And the rest of the tale would be embedded in the magazine's history. But right now, they're just enjoying the perks of living the good life.

"You can do anything," they revealed. "They have shampoo in all the showers so you can shower wherever. And you don't have to drive ten minutes up the street to go tanning or twenty minutes to the gym."

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