Two and a Half Men Season 7, Episode 6: "Give Me Your Thumb" - Recap

In this week's Two and a Half Men, Alan gives Chelsea some advice and Charlie gives Alan the old heave-ho.

Alan shows off some of his chiropractic knowledge when Chelsea complains of back pain. When a little bit of adjusting and some suggestions don't help, Alan suggests that she consider getting a breast reduction. Apparently, Charlie can sense when the words "boobies" and "reduction" are used in the same sentence because he wakes from a dead sleep and realizes that "something's wrong!"

When Charlie goes downstairs and learns what is going on, he offers his own advice-just take some pills. He gets a disapproving look from Chelsea (big surprise) and instead offers her support (no pun intended) and tells her to do anything she needs to do to feel better. Is Charlie really that mature? Is he really OK with his girlfriend having smaller breasts on purpose? Um, not quite.

As soon as Chelsea is out of the room, Charlie decides to inflict some pain on Alan for his suggestion. He slams the laptop lid down on Alan's fingers and lets him know that "the only acceptable boob reduction in this house is you moving out." It's pretty apparent that Charlie is serious when he throws money on the table and tells Alan to go to a hotel, sleep in his car, anything to get out of the house. Never one to pass up free money, Alan grabs the cash and heads out. Of course, he has no intention of spending his hard-given money on a hotel.

Later on in the bedroom, Charlie is obviously pretty desperate to keep Chelsea's breast perfect (the only way to improve them would be if they squirted money), so he takes matters in his own hands by giving her a massage. Nice touch, but she won't budge. He offers a compromise: he wants them bigger, she wants them smaller, how about they just keep them as they are? Someone needs to explain to Charlie the meaning of compromise! Not getting anywhere with Chelsea, Charlie turns to a higher power and starts to pray. He seems a little rusty, considering the last time he prayed was probably when he bet on a football game, and Jake prayed against him. This time, Jake sees him kneeling and just figures that somebody must have missed her period. What a difference a few years makes!

The first trip to the plastic surgeon proves to be too much for Charlie to handle. Talk of cutting and shaping and moving the nipple just about sends him over the edge. Not even holding her new breasts could help him. He just can't seem to get past them reducing their boobs-or rather, her breasts.

The day of the surgery, Charlie seems to come to terms with it, even proud that people will now notice Chelsea's rear instead of her large breasts. That idea, however, doesn't sit well with Chelsea, who quickly decides that she would rather live with the pain than have people think she has a big ass.

Speaking of big asses, Alan spends some time with Ms. Evelyn while the whole incident at the house blows over. They spend their time together shopping, watching TV, and drinking wine. Things take a creepy turn when Evelyn starts talking about what a good couple they make and how it makes her feel good that Alan will be there to take care of her when she can no longer do it herself. Exit Alan.

What did you think about the episode? Were you happy to see that Charlie is apparently still a selfish SOB? Did you count all of the different words they used for Chelsea's top region? And were you more impressed with the bet that Berta and Charlie made about Jake not noticing his dad gone, or that Berta gave him a cut of her winnings?

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