'One Tree Hill' Review: Brokeback Tree Hill (Season 7, Episode 8)

Now that Renee is behind us on One Tree Hill, it's time to move on to the second chapter of season 7. But in order to do that, the show needs to transition with a little comedy. Bring on the pot brownies and Brokeback Mountain jokes, because it's comedy time on One Tree Hill.

This episode was all about making connections. Nathan and Julian got into touch with their inner bromance on a camping trip, Haley and Brooke bonded over paranoia and pot brownies, Clay finally connected with Quinn after spending even more time with Ghost Wife, and Dan learned that it's time to reconnect with his family.

The boys went on a camping trip, forcing Nathan to bond with Julian. The results were quite hilarious, as Julian revealed his favorite sports movie of all-time is Cool Runnings. In the end, Julian proved his value by urging Mouth to start a web series, Skills to become a sports coordinator and Jamie to become brave.

One Tree Hill also brought up a ton of relationship drama by informing Julian about Nathan and Brooke's sex tape and Rachel, the girl who slept with Nathan's uncle and married his father. Despite the fact that Julian is a metrosexual city boy and Nathan is a good ol' American, these two proved that Red Staters and Blue Staters can form lasting, possibly homoerotic friendships.

Other Major Events from This Episode:

-Haley got stoned from pot brownies (which she's apparently been eating her whole life, thanks to Taylor's secret recipe) and tried to talk Brooke out of going crazy regarding Julian and Alex. Most importantly, Chester made a return appearance!

-Do you remember how Dan Scott is still alive despite not getting a new heart? It turns out he got a new heart. Well, Rachel paid some poor Mexican family to take their son off of life support so she could have his heart transplanted into Dan in some seedy Mexican hospital. Thanks to his nightmares, Dan looks to do a little penance back in Tree Hill.

-Clay spent yet another day with his Ghost Wife, all leading up to the moment when he finally learned to accept that she's gone and tell Quinn about his dead wife. He did it after stopping her car by standing in the pouring rain, and it was every bit as melodramatic and sad as you could imagine.

-In one of the funniest self-referential jokes ever, Rachel mentioned trying to boost the ratings of Dan's show for sweeps, and he suggested bringing Lucas on as a guest star because he isn't doing anything else. I can only assume this is a dig at Chad Michael Murray's general lack of current employment.

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