MAD MEN ''The Suitcase'' Review Season 4, Episode 7

This week's episode of MAD MEN centered around Don and Peggy and was all the more better because of it. In what I think was one of the best episodes this season, Don and Peggy spend the entire episode lashing out, sorting out, and figuring out their realtionship as well as bonding over Roger's discovered autobiography tapes.

Peggy and her team were put in charge of coming up with a campaign for Samsonite luggage. Don immediately shoots down their idea of a Joe Namath endorsement as endorsements are lazyƂ and Joe Namath is unknown. He sends the entire team back to the drawing board. As it becomes closer to 5 and closer to the start of the heavily anticipated Liston/Clay fight, Peggy's team abandons her to face Don alone. Did I mention it was her birthday? In one of many moments where Peggy has the choice to stay or go, she elects to stay. This becomes a theme throughout the episode. One might think it is because Peggy is too scared to leave or too submissive to stand up to Don, but we quickly find out that is not true. Peggy is Don Draper, although a female and sober version. She is that hungry, eager ad woman much like the Don we saw in last week's flashback. So she puts up with Don's yelling, with his claiming her ideas as his own, and for making her miss her birthday dinner which ultimately led to the demise of her relationship with Mark. Did anyone think that relationship was ever really going to make it?

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