RUBICON ''The Truth Will Out'' Review Episode 7

In tonight's RUBICON episode, titled The Truth Will Out, API is under lockdown due to a security breach. Will finds a bug in the owl figurine on his desk; and this bug comes and goes throughout the episode. Who is removing and then replacing it? On a side note, we also get a glimpse of Katherine who literally throws away her house keys and moves out after men break into her house and she finds a bug.

The API team is forced to undergo polygraph tests, in order to find the leak. Up first is Kale who is confrontational and completely in control of the situation. His resigned expression after answering whether any of his analysts are capable of running a covert operation is hilarious, especially since he answered truthfully in the negative. This expression is even more meaningful after Kale chews Will out for being an idiot upon finding him searching Spangler's office.

Grant's polygraph test brings up the issue of whether he has or will or wants to cheat on his wife. I interpreted this scene to mean that Grant feels like he is cheating on his wife by working so much and not being there for his family. But it's possible he really has cheated and is in denial about it, or he has been feeling the urge to cheat. What was your interpretation?

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