LEVERAGE ''The Morning After Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 13

The team has the tables turned on them during a complicated con on Moreau’s money launderer “The Morning After Job” summer finale episode of LEVERAGE. Mark Vector has Moreau’s account numbers and an immunity deal with the feds that’s about to take effect, so in order to convince him he needs a new and better deal that requires giving up Moreau, Parker seduces Vector with arm punching, drugs him, and fakes her murder. So far so good, and attorney Nate convinces him to set up a new deal with prosecutor Sophie. Then a sniper fills the apartment with bullets and the con falls apart with Vector deciding to take his chances with his testimony and current deal. Seeing “dead” Parker in the court room changes his mind again while Nate changes his mind with the Italian and tells her he will take down Moreau without her.

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