'NCIS': Gibbs goes back to Mexico Season 7, Episode 23

In an outstanding first part of a two-part "NCIS" season finale, Gibbs continued to find himself under the gun. His somewhat illicit past actions were coming to light and someone was pulling the strings. Gibbs isn't the sort of guy who enjoys being yanked around, and consequently he was kind of on edge. He's good that way.

It all started four days before the opening scene (except for that pesky Pedro Hernandez murder from years earlier), when a body was found dead on the beach not too far from the Naval Academy... and right around graduation time too. It wasn't a naval cadet though, no it was Special Agent Lara Macy. Surely you remember her, she was in charge of the NCIS: LA team in "Legend" last season before Hetty Lange was put in charge (sometime after "Legend" but before NCIS: LA premiered). Macy was the one who ruled Gibbs shooting of Hernandez justifiable and didn't bother to include any evidence to the contrary that she uncovered. Her being dead may actually have been good for Gibbs, being that she knew the truth of the shooting and all.

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