'Entourage' Star Rex Lee on HBO's Vlogging Spotlight - Featured

With season 6 of Entourage currently in full swing, HBO is shining its vlogging spotlight on one of the series' most loved but often-sidelined characters - Lloyd, played by Rex Lee. On the show, Lloyd is superstar agent Ari Gold's (Jeremy Piven) abused but resilient assistant who is currently trying to subsist on water and grapes in an effort to show his boss that he's already agent material.

Since Entourage runs for a measly 22 minutes or so, HBO is understandably exploring other campaigns to satisfy the show's fans. One of which is Lloyd's blog on the HBO website, with a recent update on how he deals with Ari's verbal abuse.

"Hello friends," he opens the video. "I would call you all by your title and last name, if I knew it, for that, among many other lovely things, is what I have been instructed to do by my boss or, excuse me, Mister Finest Agent in the World Ari Gold. It seems that script memorization, favorite drink memorization, steadfast professionalism and debilitating weight loss are not enough to make Mister Finest Agent in the World Ari Gold realize that I am agent material."

It's hilarious, as he goes on to how he "translates" Ari's verbal barbs and enjoy it instead of lashing out. For instance, when Ari calls him "Forrest Hump," he translates and somehow ends up fantasizing about hankering down in a bunker with Ed Burns, Vin Diesel and Matt Damon using their body heat to stay warm in a cold German night. If you're curious at how he arrived at the translation, watch the video here.

Lloyd then closes the post by saying, "Another week, another seven lunches of water and grapes." Funny stuff.

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