Joey to be Fired on 'The Real World: Cancun'?

After getting into a nasty tiff with Ayiiia (which resulted to her going back to an old nasty habit of cutting herself), it seems like Joey is set to get into more trouble, as The Real World: Cancun goes into its second half. With just five episodes remaining, Joey is revealed to be more interested in enjoying Spring Break than chaperoning a bunch of students. No surprise there, though. In a clip, he rants about locking horns with Student City over something.

"I missed work the other day, because I didn't feel good," he says. "I didn't go to work. I know it's a big deal, and it's so annoying. Let me know. Am I fired? Am I going home? Cool. Am I staying? Sweet. It's just really annoying. Just tell me. Call me and tell me what's going on. Don't sit there and be like, well I'll call you tomorrow. What, you don't have five minutes to talk to me right now? I'm just aggravated by this whole situation."

Joey then proceeds to lash out at Student City person Teri, who he says doesn't have the professionalism to tell him what's going on.

"Teri tells me, oh we just want to keep you in the loop, we just haven't had the chance to talk to Christina yet, we're not really sure. You're not going to fire me. And if you do, see ya! I'm gonna go back to Boston and have fun with my friends."

Meanwhile, a sneak peek for of what happens later this season reveals that it might not only be Joey who'll be saying goodbye to The Real World: Cancun. In one scene, Bronne is seen throwing a fire extinguisher from the balcony and it looks like it hits something or someone. From the looks of things, he'll be fired from Student City, too.

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