Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 17 - There Is No Room for You on My Ass

On the way into work, Sonia warns Veronica that there will be repercussions for beating up her patient's pimping mother last night. Chloe ironically wonders why Veronica just didn't call the police as the nurses walk through the ER. It's St. Patrick's Day, and the waiting room is full of drunken Irish and Italian teens a la "Jersey Shore." When someone throws a green bagel a fight breaks out. Angel calls for help, so an infuriated Chloe grabs a fired extinguisher and turns it on the crowd, calling them the champions of stupid.

Veronica gives Sonia her condolences on the loss of Lauren. Now she has to see Klowden to find out how much trouble she's in. If she were a man, none of this would matter. Citing Veronica's history of acting out, Sonia reminds her that calling the police would have been the right thing to do. The girls step off the elevator to find Briggs with a TV crew in tow, shooting for Bravo's new reality show, "Cutting-Edge Medicine." They're doing a piece on Briggs and he wants Veronica to join him on camera, hoping for more fireworks. As Veronica runs off, Briggs tells her to preserve her anger -- it's the only thing that will save both her and Mercy Hospital.

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