Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 18 - Chick Flick

Prue is taking a picture of Piper staring out the window in the direction of Dan’s house. Piper feels guilty because of the way things ended with Dan, but Prue assures her that she made the right choice. Piper leaves the living room to go shower for her date with Leo. Phoebe comes home in a good mood, and admits to Prue that she has been watching her favorite movie, Kill it Before it Dies, at the revival house. She also admits that her ideal man is the film’s main character, Billy. Phoebe goes to answer the door and is thrown several feet away by a demon. Prue throws the demon against the grandfather clock with her powers and he runs away. Piper comes down the stairs to see Prue and Phoebe running after the demon. Prue and Phoebe have arrived at the revival house and are in the theatre for Kill it Before it Dies looking for the demon. Phoebe makes up an impromptu spell when she spots the demon and vanquishes him easily.

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