Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 19 - Ex Libris

While cramming for finals in the library, Phoebe befriends and enterprising young student named Charlene who is doing her thesis on the existence of demons in the corporeal world. After freaking Phoebe out, presumably because she gets enough demonic talk at home, Charlene is decapitated by a demon - Libris - whose charge it is to keep mere mortals from proving the existence of supernatural evil.

Meanwhile, Prue busts in on another romantic evening for Piper and Leo to show them something odd in some photographs she took earlier in the day while on assignment. The same sad looking man is in all the pictures. Her curiosity peaked, Prue tracks down the man to get the 411, but not before spying Leo’s “nice orbs” in the shower. The long and the short of it is, whatever she saw she liked, so I’m going to go with the long.

Prue’s mystery man is a grieving father whose daughter was murdered some 6 months before. On a crusade to find a witness to identify the man who everyone know did it - a sleazy pawn shop owner named Gibbs across the street - he passes out fliers all day long. No one is talking, apparently, because Gibbs is a major badass who has scared them into silence.

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