Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 20 - Astral Monkey

A few months after witnessing Piper’s miraculous (literally) recovery from Arroyo Fever, Dr. Curtis Williamson thinks he may be onto a cure for the deadly Ebola-nock-off. Injecting the blood of the Charmed Ones into three lab monkeys, Williamson instead grants each chimp one of the girl’s powers, then accidentally injects himself with all three.

Williamson finds himself with the powers of all three sisters, but his mortal body cannot handle it, and, though he thinks he intends to do good and protect the innocent, he instead begins to slowly go insane.

But not slow enough.

With his sister near death in need of a kidney transplant and powerless (in the traditional medical sense) from saving her, he discovers that his new powers might be effectively used to short-cut the donor program to save her life. His bright idea a side-product of Phoebe’s clairvoyance – when he predicts his brother-in-law’s heart attack and takes steps to save him – Dr. Williamson tracks down a series of criminals who were released from the hospital’s prison ward on a technicality. Harvesting their organs in order to save the lives of more innocent patients who need them, Williamson crosses the line of morality into murder, and, while his intentions might be admirable, he attracts the ire of both the San Francisco Police Department and the Halliwell sisters.

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